About Us

The Mission

Human identity is intrinsically linked to our environment. And culture is often defined by our relationship with the land or sea surrounding us. Cuisine, architecture, communication, music, etc., have all developed alongside the resources and topography immediately available. But the world is changing. It’s continually becoming smaller. Ideas and goods are dispersed around the world at a rate and ease we’ve never experienced. We are more aware than ever of the limits of the planet’s resources, the impact of our global population, and the fragility of isolated culture.

The Crew

Prentice “Tripp” Brower

Tripp was raised sailing on the rivers and running his family’s 13 foot Boston Whaler in and out of every tiny creek he could find. The greens of the Spartina grass, the afternoon thunderstorms rolling over the horizon, the smell of maritime pine forests in the air mixed with the rich smell of pluff mud and salty murky waters color his childhood memories. Tripp’s passion for the Lowcountry culture and marine environment has driven him to lead a life of a mariner. In 2014, Tripp founded the Lowcountry Maritime School. The Lowcountry Maritime School was a way for Tripp to share his passion for the water while helping to bring community together and educate and provide opportunities to young people through real-world, hands-on experience.

After 6 years working with the Lowcountry community, Tripp was called to the ocean. He’s driven by a passion for the natural world and a desire to connect with and learn about other cultures and communities around the world are responding to the changes our environment is facing.

Zach Bjur

Zach was raised in the maritime forests, beaches, and marshes of the South Carolina Lowcountry. The rich ecosystems that line the SC coast inspired an awe that exists to this day and led Zach to a career in wildlife biology and science communication. His passion for the natural world inspires him to share that wonder and knowledge with others because “we don’t care about what we don’t know about.”

Lately it is the human experience of our natural world that has piqued Zach’s interest. How do our interactions with nature shape the environment within and without us? How do our surroundings define who we are? These are the questions that Zach will be asking as he and Tripp make their journey. He also has minor obsessions with plants, music, and fossils and will be collecting all three along the way.

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