Both Tripp and Zach have backgrounds in hands on education before Apparent Winds. Lowcountry Maritime School, founded by Tripp, is dedicated to hands on STEM learning through the construction of wooden boats. Zach worked for the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources on a field-based oyster restoration team that worked primarily with K-12 students.

The pair will look to continue supporting the mission of active and engaged STEM education through the Apparent Winds platform. As they make their way around the world students will be able to track their progress and get real time updates on a number of marine metrics such as depth, temperature, salinity, and pH – among others. In addition to this quantitative data, a wealth of qualitative data will be available such as marine life sightings, general weather conditions, and more.

The goal is to formulate an interactive learning platform that can adapt to classroom needs whether that classroom is filled with first graders or college students. Stay tuned for updates here and email with any inquiries!

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